7″ | SE7021 | 8018344397023

ARTIST | The Invisible Session

Africa Calling

Brand new release on Space Echo label available on 7″ and digital, includes two different versions of “Africa Calling” unreleased recordings taken from the “Echoes Of Africa” studio session album. 

While maintaining today’s fresh, forward-thinking sound, these two solid sizzling tracks with a driving beat take you to  West Africa. The high quality production and typical Tony Allen-esque afrobeat groove make them easily playable in clubs where black music takes centre stage. 

Unfolding at its purely Afro rhythm, the original version of “Africa Calling” weaves a beautiful tapestry between the  rhythm of the guitar played by Riccardo Onori – clearly inspired by “Amalinja” a song by The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination of 1972 – and the celestial kora of Gambian Haruna “Jalimansa” Kuyateh, in a hypnotic journey of mystery and magic. 

The version produced by Massimo Napoli aka Galathea, while maintaining the same structure, highlights more the celestial mood of the meditative Kora, which floats lost and lonely above the rhythm of percussion, clavinet and  keyboards to paint a new mysterious soundscape.

Logo Side: Africa Calling – 4:01   Produced by Luciano Cantone
This side: Africa Calling – Galathea Kora Version – 4:20   Produced by Massimo Napoli/Galathea